About Us


Sunnair Textiles is among the foremost enterprises of Pakistan. The group started with textile processing in 1970 and progressively flourished into a renowned industry. We aspire to provide outstanding quality materials to our clients by gratifying their expectations and maintaining their confidence on a supreme level. Sunnair textiles operate worldwide catering to the local markets as well as serving the international markets. Sunnair Textile private Ltd. supplies to the local market whilst Sunnair textiles focuses 100% on export. We always endeavor to offer superlative quality textiles by adopting the most innovative approaches. Sunnair textiles along with its subsidiaries outshine the entire textile industry.


Our Policies


Quality policy: 

Sunnair Textiles refuses to compromise on quality at any stage of the production. We are committed to our agenda of providing valued products and services. For this reason, we practice quality check measures consistently.

Social Policy:

We deem fulfilling social responsibilities as one of our core objectives. For this reason,

  • We condemn child labor and discrimination.
  • We pay special attention to the safe working environment.
  • We compensate our employs loyally.
  • We Respect freedom of association and collective bargaining.
  • We take steps for welfare and intellectual growth of our employees.
  • We try to improve the business performance of our associates.
  • We deal with national and international customers under defined legal laws and regulatory requirements.
  • We strive to develop our management conditions further

Environmental Policy: 

Sunniar Textile industries limited acknowledges their role towards the environment. Therefore, we follow applicable environmental laws and practice the most environment friendly ways of production. We ensure the reduction in pollution by the following ways:

  • By a reducing the emission of harmful gases.
  • Ensuring proper neutralization of liquid effluents.
  • Increased use of environment friendly dyes and chemicals.
  • Energy Efficiency.
  • By providing a sense of awareness about the environmental issues for the improvement of health and safety at work.



Cotton Cloth Grey, Cotton Cloth White, Cotton Cloth Dyed, Cotton Cloth Printed, Polycotton Cloth Grey, Polycotton Cloth White, Polycotton Cloth Dyed, Polycotton Printed, Bedsheets, Pillow Cases, Quilt Covers, Fitted Sheets, Valance Sheets, Pillow Ticks, Cushion Ticks

Contact Details

Telephone: +92-41-8555612
Fax: +92-41-8555613
Sales / Marketing: shah@sunnairtextiles.com
Documentation: info@sunnairtextiles.com
Procurement: azeem@sunnairtextiles.com
Website: https://www.sunnairtextiles.com

Office # 13 3rd Floor Legacy Tower Kohinoor City Jaranwala Road Faisalabad